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Welcome to the School Council

The School Council at Firbeck Academy represent the pupil voice of the school community. They are an essential pillar in the democracy of the school and are given the capacity to implement real changes and officiate whole school events.

Each year, pupils are voted in to the council by their peers, this year pupils applied for the position standing up and sharing why they would make a good candidate with their peers before the votes were cast. The vision for this process is that pupils will run electoral campaigns in the first term and make promises to their year group about what they would do to improve the quality of life in the school community. The school will become awash with electoral posters and badges and this is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of democracy as part of our British values. The pupils then deliver electrical speeches to their year groups and then there is an anonymous vote.

The elected Council in then made up of two representatives from each year group. The school council is then led by a Chair and Vice Chair who are chosen by the elected council members during the autumn term. Other positions taken by the older members of the Council are the events managers, the secretary, and those in charge of publicity for whole school events.

The Council then meets half termly throughout the school year with a delegated teacher. These sessions are pupil-led by the Chair and Vice-Chair, and official minutes are kept by the secretary. The Council discusses recent issues as put forward by their constituents, and plan whole school events such as Comic Relief, Red Nose Day and sell poppies during Remembrance Week. This term they will support the school to host the first Christmas Market reaching out to the wider community.

The council also publicise these to the whole school through delivering assemblies. They have also been involved in the promotion of our school through social media, directing and filming our promotional videos for our website.

Our Vision

The School Council Vision Statement is as follows:

Our school council works together as a team to ensure we can be the best school possible.

We aim to make pupils to feel comfortable, happy and safe at school.

We shall work hard to make our world a better place

We want to improve our school by discussing ideas and making decisions.

We aim to listen to others and discuss comments and suggestions that would make our school an even more wonderful place.

July 2024


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